02 Feb

FAQ: Can I migrate an existing cPanel service from another provider to bitland?

Yes, we can migrate your website free of charge from another hosting company, providing that they’re using cPanel on their servers as well. To request the migration complete the following steps:

  1. Signup for the service that you’d like with us via our website.
  2. Upon receiving your Service Activation confirmation, login to BITPORTAL.
  3. Raise a Support Ticket and one of our friendly staff members will contact you to begin the transfer.

We will conduct the migration during the outage period which suits you.

Please note, the transfer requires your old IP address, cPanel username, password and domain name – please contact your current host to retrieve this information.

Unfortunately without being supplied those cPanel access credentials for your old host, we will be unable to complete the migration.

Additional things to note

We can only migrate accounts that are going into the same domain name. That is, if you’ve got an account for mydomain.com with another provider and you wish to migrate it to your new account of myotherdomain.com with us, we won’t be able to perform the migration for you. You will need to contact your old provider and ask them to modify your primary domain before you submit the migration request.

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