24 Jun

5 Essential factors to consider when choosing a web host

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You actually understand what web hosting is. The hard part is over right? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint but selecting the right web host provider is the real tricky part. Selecting the wrong one can get many businesses into trouble.

This can be a stressful time but there’s no need to shave your head and take time out from your music career. Have a read of our essential checklist for the right web host.


The Tech Support You Need

Your website is one of your business’ most valuable assets. So when there’s an issue you’ll want it fixed. Fast. Excellent customer support should consist of expert knowledge and availability. Can they really be reached 24/7? Will you be speaking to a real person?  And will they actually be able to help? A website that is down for even a few hours can considerably impact your business’s revenue. That’s why its crucial the customer support is excellent.


Consider Special Features

It can be hard to identify the good from the bad because there are so many competitors out there.  One way to sort providers is comparing the special features they offer. These extras could include free sub-domains, multiple data centers, email accounts and regular data backups. Web host providers can offer more than just hosting. Have a more thorough look at each one and just keep in mind – will this actually benefit my business?

However, when looking at these features be aware that some providers may offer…


Unrealistic Services

Sometimes a flashy website is just that. Web host’s can make all kinds of claims to attract your business. In some cases, what they advertise is not what they offer. A popular one is ‘unlimited storage’. I hate to break it to you, but there’s no such thing as an infinite amount of storage. Make sure you read their Terms of Service to ensure you will get what you pay for.


Will the Control Panel be your new best friend?

Whether you’re a tech wiz or terrified novice, you will need to manage some aspects of your website. This could include setting up email accounts, integrating third party software or analysing your site’s performance.  With this in mind it’s important that the web host provider you chose offers the right control panel. Are they using cPanel? Plesk? Does this mean the control panel is user friendly? Or is it cluttered with annoying advertisements. Is the panel’s security up to date?

Much like the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle or a curious toddler, its important to ask yourself lots of questions when browsing. Another one to consider is…


Will it Accommodate Your Business’s Growth?

You don’t start a business with the aim of staying small.  Choosing a web host provider that will accommodate your needs overtime is important.  How much traffic will your site generate in 2 years time? What added content will it be generating? Your web host may not offer enough bandwidth to accommodate your future growth. Look into whether you can increase your bandwidth from your current plan.


Now that you’ve read our guide hopefully your blonde locks are in tact. Selecting the right web host is not easy but well worth the effort in the long term. What other elements are important to you when choosing a web host? Let us know in the comments below!

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11 May

ATG Clothing transfers to bitland for Ad-Free, Australian Web Hosting



If a control panel (cPanel) full of cluttered, annoying advertisement is part of your daily web hosting experience, then you will truly appreciate our clean ad-free cPanel portal. ATG Clothing (Attain Those Gains Clothing – www.atgclothing.com) staff were fed up with constantly having to navigate around advertisements in their cPanel portal whilst trying to run their online shop. ATGC contacted bitland for assistance to transfer their website, which was completed with absolutely no outage to their online shop.

Bahsel (Director at ATG Clothing) commented on the experience,

bitland has been outstanding in assisting us with transferring our website. We were fed up with constant advertising in our previous cPanel portal, which always seemed to get in our way.

Bahsel also mentioned that his previous web hosting provider had made false claims on their website – one being the offer of the Latest version of cPanel which was not true. Since moving to bitland, ATG Clothing are now enjoying the latest version of cPanel (version 56.0), which provides some important security fixes and robustness updates.

Bahsel was also concerned with the uncertainty of where his online shop data was stored. Statements such as Most of our servers reside in… and …with some residing in other locations caused serious concern to Bahsel’s business. Bahsel further commented,

bitland’s promise of truly Australian Web Hosting brings our business great comfort in knowing our data is protected. We even got to choose where in Australia our data would be stored.

ATG Clothing are now enjoying an ad-free version of cPanel, hosted locally in Melbourne, Australia. And to top if off, the website transfer was (and still is) a free service offered by bitland.

bitland is a passionate supporter of Australian Small Business Entrepreneurship and wish ATG Clothing every success. Have you experienced annoying ads in your cPanel? Let us know in the comments below.

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02 Feb

FAQ: Can I migrate an existing cPanel service from another provider to bitland?

Yes, we can migrate your website free of charge from another hosting company, providing that they’re using cPanel on their servers as well. To request the migration complete the following steps:

  1. Signup for the service that you’d like with us via our website.
  2. Upon receiving your Service Activation confirmation, login to BITPORTAL.
  3. Raise a Support Ticket and one of our friendly staff members will contact you to begin the transfer.

We will conduct the migration during the outage period which suits you.

Please note, the transfer requires your old IP address, cPanel username, password and domain name – please contact your current host to retrieve this information.

Unfortunately without being supplied those cPanel access credentials for your old host, we will be unable to complete the migration.

Additional things to note

We can only migrate accounts that are going into the same domain name. That is, if you’ve got an account for mydomain.com with another provider and you wish to migrate it to your new account of myotherdomain.com with us, we won’t be able to perform the migration for you. You will need to contact your old provider and ask them to modify your primary domain before you submit the migration request.

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02 Feb

FAQ: How do I create a MySQL Database and User?

As bitland uses a cPanel web hosting platform, databases can only be created through the cPanel interface – they cannot be created through command line nor phpMyAdmin. The easiest way to create a new MySQL database and user is to utilise the MySQL Database Wizard.

If you are using a common CMS, please check Installatron for presence of that script in there before attempting manual installation. Managing your scripts and their databases is significantly easier through Installatron.

Using the MySQL Database Wizard

The wizard will run you through creating both a database and user, linking both and setting permissions:

  1. Login to your cPanel service.
  2. Click the MySQL Database Wizard icon.
  3. On Step 1 enter the desired name for your database, then click Next Step.
  4. On Step 2 enter the desired username and password to link to the database, then click Create User.
  5. On Step 3 select the desired privileges for the user on the database, this determines how the database may be managed, then click Next Step.
  6. The process has now been completed.

You can then use the MySQL database and linked user within your favourite script platform (such as WordPress or Joomla) to install it.

Using MySQL Databases

Using the MySQL Databases section is a little less straight forward, but it provides more freedom by allowing you to link additional users to a database (allowing multiple). The steps below are to manually create a new database, a new database user, then finally to link the database and user.

  1. Login to your cPanel service.
  2. Click the MySQL Databases icon.
  3. Under “Create New Database” you may enter your new database name, then click Create Database.
  4. Your new database will then be created and the screen will confirm it’s success, click “<- Go Back”.
  5. Under “MySQL Users” > “Add New User” enter your new database username and password, then click Create User.
  6. Your new database user will then be created and the screen will confirm it’s success, click “<- Go Back”.
  7. To then link your new database and user go to “Add User To Database”, select your new user and your new database, then click Add.
  8. Select the desired privileges for the user on the database, this determines how the database may be managed, then click Make Changes.
  9. Your database and user will now be linked and the screen will confirm it’s success, click “<- Go Back”.

On this same screen you can at any time add additional users to a database, add/Remove databases and users, click on users under “Current Databases” to edit permissions and click on users under “Current Users” to adjust their passwords.

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02 Feb

FAQ: How do I take a backup of my hosting service?

Taking a backup of your cPanel web hosting services regularly is an excellent idea and it covers you in the unlikely event of data loss. Taking a backup is a very easy process which provides peace of mind. Please see the steps below for taking a full cPanel backup:

  1. Login to your cPanel service.
  2. Click the Backup Wizard icon.
  3. Click Backup.
  4. Select Full Backup.
  5. Leave Backup Destination set to Home Directory and enter your email address. Click Generate Backup.
  6. Wait until it completes and you receive the confirmation email – this can take some time if you have a large number of files.
  7. Once it’s finished go back to your cPanel home and click Backup.
  8. Click “Download or Generate a Full Website Backup”.
  9. Download the backup archive listed, it will have a timestamp from when you completed step 5.
  10. Once you have completed the download, using FTP or File Manager, delete the download archive from your home directory on the server.

Please ensure you store your backup archive in a safe and secure location either on your computer or a remote location. If you require the backup archive restored you may open a support ticket through your BITPORTAL account.

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