02 Feb

FAQ: How long does the ordering and validation process take?

Once an SSL certificate order has been placed and configured through BITPORTAL, it is submitted to Trustwave for processing. At this point Trustwave undertake the validation process to ensure it’s being rightfully issued to the business which has signed off for it.

The first step for SSL validation is an email is sent to webmaster@yourdomain.com, with a confirmation link that is required to be clicked in order to validate the domain name.

If you have ordered an Easy Trust SSL certificate, the certificate is usually issued within 15 minutes of the link being clicked. Premium SSL certificates (including Premium SSL Wildcard) take a little longer, and Trustwave will be in contact with you should they have any questions. As it’s a OV (Organisation Verified) certificate, Trustwave need to verify that the organisation that is requesting the certificate is valid, true and correct.

Premium EV and Enterprise SSL certificates undergo extended verification – involving domain name validation, organisation validation and DUNS validation. As the processing is more comprehensive, it can take up to 10 business days (where all documentation is promptly supplied by the client to Trustwave).

Please be aware the average processing time is subject to all information being correct and any additional documentation made available to Trustwave immediately upon request.

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02 Feb

FAQ: What does an SSL Certificate warranty cover?

You offer security on your side so that your customers feel secure in transacting business with you online. Trustwave SSL certificates offer your customers an additional comfort by protecting their purchases for up to the warranty amount. They guarantee to your customer that you are you and that you are a real entity.

Trustwave pre-validate certificate holders and provide validation that is far higher than the majority of other SSL providers. Some CA’s have very weak validation hence they decide NOT to even offer an identification warranty. Please note that this high level of validation does not compromise the processing speed.

Trustwave SSL certificates also guarantee to your customers your geographical location. All of this information leads to a more comfortable customer who is more likely to use their credit card to make a purchase on your website.

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02 Feb

FAQ: What is SSL certificate verification?

Verification of an SSL certificate confirms the following information:

  • The organisation that is requesting the SSL certificate is active in business, and operates in the country that’s listed in their CSR request.
  • The organisation contact specified is actually an employee of the organisation that’s listed in the CSR request. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates require the organisational contact to be aware and approving of the certificate request.

Verification of SSL certificates provides ensures trustworthy certificates and is mandated by the CABForum (the governing body for SSL practice).

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