11 May

ATG Clothing transfers to bitland for Ad-Free, Australian Web Hosting



If a control panel (cPanel) full of cluttered, annoying advertisement is part of your daily web hosting experience, then you will truly appreciate our clean ad-free cPanel portal. ATG Clothing (Attain Those Gains Clothing – www.atgclothing.com) staff were fed up with constantly having to navigate around advertisements in their cPanel portal whilst trying to run their online shop. ATGC contacted bitland for assistance to transfer their website, which was completed with absolutely no outage to their online shop.

Bahsel (Director at ATG Clothing) commented on the experience,

bitland has been outstanding in assisting us with transferring our website. We were fed up with constant advertising in our previous cPanel portal, which always seemed to get in our way.

Bahsel also mentioned that his previous web hosting provider had made false claims on their website – one being the offer of the Latest version of cPanel which was not true. Since moving to bitland, ATG Clothing are now enjoying the latest version of cPanel (version 56.0), which provides some important security fixes and robustness updates.

Bahsel was also concerned with the uncertainty of where his online shop data was stored. Statements such as Most of our servers reside in… and …with some residing in other locations caused serious concern to Bahsel’s business. Bahsel further commented,

bitland’s promise of truly Australian Web Hosting brings our business great comfort in knowing our data is protected. We even got to choose where in Australia our data would be stored.

ATG Clothing are now enjoying an ad-free version of cPanel, hosted locally in Melbourne, Australia. And to top if off, the website transfer was (and still is) a free service offered by bitland.

bitland is a passionate supporter of Australian Small Business Entrepreneurship and wish ATG Clothing every success. Have you experienced annoying ads in your cPanel? Let us know in the comments below.

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01 Feb

FAQ: How do I update the Whois contact details on my domain name?

The Whois is an internet record listing which identifies who owns a domain name and how that individual/business may be contacted. Whois records have proven to be extremely useful and are thus considered an essential resource in maintaining the integrity of domain names.

It is important to keep your domain name contacts up to date, as important information is sent to these contacts – such as domain expiry notices, Whois policy reminders, and other important domain related information.

You can update your domain contacts by following the instructions below:

  1. Login to your BITPORTAL account.
  2. Click Manage my Domains on the homepage.
  3. Select the domain name you wish to update the contacts on.
  4. In the drop down options click Contacts.
  5. Modify the registrant, technical and administrative contacts as required.
  6. Click Update Contacts.

You have now completed the update! It is vital that domain name contact details entered are valid, true and correct as required by registrar policy.

Please note: Domain name contacts and your BITPORTAL contact details are separate. Updating one does not update the other.

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01 Feb

FAQ: What is DNS propagation and what does it mean for me?

DNS propagation means the movement of new DNS data to different internet servers around the world. This process can take up to 48 hours before it is updated around the world.  The importance of this DNS data is that it tells a users computer where to find your website, and therefore whilst it is still ‘propagating’ your computer may not know where your website.

This will affect you if you’re changing the name servers on your domain, updating A or CNAME records on your DNS zone, or modifying any other information contained in your DNS zone. This means planning your DNS changes at low traffic times, or if you are familiar with TTL’s (time to live), setting those to a lower value. Propagation starts from the moment you make any adjustment to your DNS configuration.

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01 Feb

FAQ: What is the domain redemption grace period?

The Redemption Period is a policy started by ICANN and the Registry Operators. This is a 30 day registry-imposed hold period for domain names which have expired and were not renewed by the customer.

Normally domain names would be deleted at this point, but the redemption period provides the customer with one last chance to recover the domain before it’s dropped and potentially registered by a new owner.

To renew a domain that is in the redemption period, there is a RGP (Redemption Grace Period) fee that is applicable, in addition to the regular renewal fees. This process can take up to 4 business days. If you wish to renew a domain name whilst it’s in this period, please lodge a new Ticket to our Support team via BITPORTAL. The RGP fee is considered to be $100 in most cases (in addition to the regular domain name renewal fee). Our billing department can confirm the exact pricing.

Alternatively, there is always the option of waiting out the entire redemption grace period which lasts for 30 days, following this period the domain name will be completed deleted and dropped into the available domain pool approximately 5-6 days later. Once the domain name is deleted it is available to register by anyone, so the risk of losing it to a new customer is very high.

You can read more on the Redemption Period online at http://www.icann.org/registrars/redemption-proposal-14feb02.htm

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